VeriME is a blockchain based Verification-as-a-Service that facilitates easy and fast user authentication for merchants



Manual KYC process is slow and outdated which increases friction between service providers and customers. Such identity verification methods have been causing a rise in customer drop off rates, costing service providers a lot of their potential revenue.


There is a cost of maintaining a fully dedicated system to perform KYC.. Such systems and databases require putting substantial amounts of resources to ensure every new customer or client you have onboard, is genuine as well as verified.


Your identification traits submitted during verification, either online or offline are always susceptible to identity theft. If the personal information you have supplied gets into hands of cyber criminals, it can be manipulated and used for their malicious intents.


The job of proving identity to every organisation which demands a KYC check is tedious as well as boring. Customers find it very inconvenient to carry the same set of documents, along with their photocopies, everywhere the service providers demand it.


To solve all the issues mentioned above, we have developed D-KYC, a digital identity verification platform to suit anyone’s and everyone’s verification needs. It performs KYC processes remotely and completely online without requiring customers to meet, fill out forms and submit documents. Providing customers with best in class customer onboarding functionality, VeriME offers identity verification services which are completed within seconds. The benefits?

No face to face interaction required
No form or document filing needed
Data protection through encryption
No third party dependency
KYC in seconds!
Cost Effective


Not Secure

Current methods of payment authentication such as 2 factor/3 factor authentication are prone to many security threats such as Man-in-the-middle (MitM) or Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) attacks, thus failing to protect sellers and buyers.


Current payment authentication methods involve many players. E.g. a 3D Secure authentication offered for Credit/Debit Card Payments involves the Issuing Bank, Acquiring Bank, Payment Schemes, ACS (Access Control Server) and MPI (Merchant Plug In) providers etc. thus making the solution quite expensive for merchants.


Present methods of authentication heavily rely on sending security codes through SMSs. These SMSs might not be delivered due to network error, or the mobile number not being in service anymore. Such scenarios pose a serious problems for the customers as they aren’t able to complete their purchases in time.


2 factor/ 3 factor authentication involves redirecting customers to a new page or sometimes shows errors with regards to page validity. These issues cause customers to drop off their purchases thereby increasing the basket abandonment rates.


Helping merchants & partners achieve seamless and secure authentication, VeriME offers D-Secure service which allows authentication of VeriME users within seconds thereby minimising customer drop-off rates . This solution would not only authenticate the customer, but also would provide full chargeback/dispute protection to VeriME partners and their Merchants. The benefits?

Decentralised system for payment authentication
Immutable ledger protecting all transactions.
Authentication within milliseconds.
100% Chargeback protection!
Cost Effective
Incentives For Every Transaction Made.


We are on a mission to Digitize KYC and Authentication processes, increase transparency with Blockchain, provide access anytime anywhere via personal mobile device and minimize time and cost for partners while maximizing customer experience. Our vision is to become the leading unified decentralized VaaS platform in the Blockchain space and beyond.

Bringing a Change

Identity verification process has remained unchanged for last 40 years. With VeriME, we are bringing about a change by introducing blockchain based easy, fast and secure way of digital identity verification and authentication.

Making the Process Simpler and Safer

With VeriME, you can complete the verification and authentication process from the comfort of your home. No excessive documents to make copy of, no documents to submit or go through.

Giving Consumers Peace of Mind

With VeriME, you need not worry about your personal data falling into wrong hands. All copies of your personal details or documents present will be stored in an encrypted format and would never be shared with any third party, not even with us.

Achieving Highest Level of Authentication

VeriME uses combined knowledge of Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to provide you the most accurate verification, greater than the accuracy achieved by traditional methods of humans.


  • AUGUST 2016

    Conceptualise decentralised digital identity check

  • FEBRUARY 2017

    Launch VeriME D-KYC in Vietnam with 3 Partners

  • NOVEMBER 2017 - MARCH 2018


  • AUGUST 2018

    Vietnam: VeriME D-KYC 2.0 & D-SECURE Launch (50 Partners 10M Customers)

  • DECEMBER 2018

    Singapore & Malaysia Launch (100+ Partners, 20M Customers)

  • JULY 2019

    10 APAC, countries 1k+, partners 100M Customers

  • AUGUST 2020

    20+ Countries, 3000+ partners, 1 Billion+ Customers

  • DECEMBER 2022

    100+ countries, 10K+ partners, 3B+ Customers